Sewing Machines Types

janome sewing machineThe Sewing machine has been developing significantly since it was invented many years ago. Some sewing machine manufacturers even produce some types of sewing machines with different features. Some of the available sewing machine types are the mechanical sewing machine, electronic sewing machine, and computerized sewing machine.

The first sewing machine was the mechanical one that can be operated manually by foot and hands. This is the type of sewing machine with simple function but it is quite effective to finish a simple project. Besides, it is also cheaper than electronic and computerized sewing machine. Until now, there are still so many mechanical sewing machines on sale that is suitable for a beginner. Some of the mechanical sewing machines that you can buy are Kenmore 11101, Elna 2005, Singer 6038, and much more.

 Elna and Janome Sewing Machines

As the time went on, a manufacturer improved their product by making a new innovation to create an electronic sewing machine. Of course, an electronic sewing machine has more features compared to the previous one. The specialty of this sewing machine is that it is equipped with a button for width and length adjustment. According to its name, the electronic sewing machine is operated by power. The singer is one of the greatest manufacturers that produce electronic sewing machine. Some of the products from Singer are Singer 7462, Singer 7442 or a sewing machine made by Elna and Janome.

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The ultimate sewing machine that is now available in the market is a computerized sewing machine. Of course, this sewing machine is more sophisticated than the previous type. Still, it uses electricity to operate this sewing machine, but it has more features with a computer program for automatic function. It is equipped with a microprocessor that can read some information stored in a card in order to make a special pattern stitching which is inserted in the memory. If you want to buy a computerized sewing machine, then you can buy Singer CE-200 Quantum Futura, Janome 8080, Singer Quantum XL-6000, and much more.

Which one do you prefer? You may choose all the types of sewing machine when you want to have them. For a beginner, you are recommended to have a mechanical sewing machine to know the basics techniques of sewing, then you can continue to use the electronic one and the computerized one.

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