Make Your Life More Valuable by Learning How to Sew

sewing photoSewing is a really fun activity to do because you can create your own dress when you understand how to sew well. Perhaps, you have never touched a sewing machine before or you may have friends who can sew. Why don’t you learn from them? Learning how to sew can enrich your skill and you can also learn about sewing from the basics.

Things to Consider Before Sewing

sewing photoSo, how to start to learn sewing? Of course, you have to consider a sewing machine to buy or you can also borrow it from your friend. However, buying a sewing machine can be a better idea rather than borrowing it. Once you buy a sewing machine, then you may think that it is really difficult to use. But, when you finally try it, you will notice that it is quite easy. You do not need to buy an advanced sewing machine at an expensive price, but you can choose the cheaper one with basics function. You can even ask the seller about the suitable one for you according to the use. For basics usage, then the seller will recommend you the simple one at an affordable price.

Since you are a beginner who is about to learn sewing, then you actually only need a basic sewing machine which has no snaps, buttoners, zippers as well as other complicated functions for a newbie. You just choose the easiest and the simplest sewing pattern to make your project end with a good result. Nowadays, there are so many companies that provide pattern examples and you will get a recommendation to choose according to your capabilities. Besides, choosing a pattern that can work very well with all types of fabric must be a good idea. For example, you can create a small table cover for your first project and you can directly use it once you have done with your project.

Choosing Your Favorite Pattern


Which pattern do you really prefer? Let us show you McCalls Sewing Pattern to start with. Here, we can begin with the simplicity sewing pattern. Firstly, you must pick your favorite fabric along with a simple pattern to make and make sure that both of them are matched. The fabric suggestion will be available in the back of the sewing pattern to describe what kind of project you want to make. In this case, cotton blends or woven cotton must be a good choice for the fabric because it is really easy to start with. Here, you will not use knit fabric for your first project before you made several creations. Perhaps, you will understand about knit fabric later on to make a pair of pants and t-shirts.

The Process of Project Making

Let us consider that you have prepared the sewing machine, the fabric, and a pattern. But, you also still need other necessities to make your project complete. The first is that you need to have a thread with some color options, sewing tape for dress making, scissor with a sharp surface, hand sewing needles, and a straight pin. Well, you can actually find this list of necessities on your pattern. If you are not sure that you can make a perfect sewing, then you can also use a sewing guidebook to teach you the best techniques of sewing.

One of the most recommended books to learn how to sew well is Allison Smith’s The Sewing Book and Sewing 101. A Beginners Guide to Sewing. These are two good manual books to learn sewing and you will understand some sewing techniques easily and clearly. If you want to get these books, they are available online in any bookstores.

If you cannot find the books or you cannot afford it, then you can also read Threads Magazines and you can subscribe to the Magazine to get the latest information and some techniques of sewing. If any, you can also join a sewing community in your city or you can also follow a sewing course to learn from the experts.

Once you understand all about the basics of sewing, then you can begin your project. In this case, you can read some information provided in the pattern and how to make it from the first step up to the last step. You can start the project when you understand everything and you have your time to know the techniques. Besides, you need to slow down for your first try because you are not in a competition, but you are in the process of learning. Finally, you can try it and do not give up on your effort because a failure it the first try is usual and you can still try again.

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