Beginning Cross Stitch Embroidery Tips

Cross Stitch
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Making an embroidery is not that easy because you must be able to do cross stitch to get the best result. As we know that the cross stitch is one of the most popular technique in embroidery to make some cool designs on clothes. Using small X stitches, you can create so many cool embroideries.

In general, cross stitch can be applied to a weaved fabric that provides small holes for the tailors to make designs so they can easily insert the needles. Aida cloth is the weaved fabric that you can work with cross stitch. However, you can still use other fabrics to do cross stitch. It is actually your decision to choose the right fabric if you want to make cross stitch. It is undeniable that some of the professional tailors do cross stitch on paper canvas and plastic material.When you work with cross stitch, paper canvas and plastic can be easier than the common fabric. You can create a lot of cool designs on your paper canvas and plastic.

What kind of thread that you can use to make cross stitch? Actually, you can use all types of threads when you want to do cross stitching. You can use metallic, silk, wool, and even cotton threads to make one. Since cross stitch is usually used for making cloth decoration, then you can take some colorful threads to work with.

Cross Stitch embroidery
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This cross-stitch technique will be difficult if you are not familiar with it. You are recommended to learn the basic technique before you start a project with cross stitch. You can learn from a professional tailor to do it or you can also learn by reading some guidebooks about sewing or browse the internet to learn it. By learning the basic technique, you will not get difficulties when starting your project.

Since you are a beginner, then you do not need to do difficult cross stitch technique. You can try the easiest and the simplest one. You can choose cross stitch design with one color only and choose Aida fabric to make it easier. Hopefully, you will get the best result on your first project with cross stitch. However, you must not forget to read the manual book or instructions so that you can do the cross stitching properly.

During the cross stitching, you may need 6 kinds of embroidery threads. You can start with one to three threads for the first stitching. You can use larger Aida cloth so that you can work with some threads at the same time. But, you must separate the threads so that you can obtain the best result.In addition, you must not knot the thread so that it does not cause lumps on the fabric. Just pull the thread and the give a small tail at the back. You must do this cross stitching slowly and be patient so that you do not make any mistakes.

Next, you can continue the cross stitching with another color where you can slowly pull the thread. You can continue the stitching through the current stitches, but you need to do it on the back side of the fabric. After you finish the second stitching, then you can go on to the next thread and start again as the previous stitching until you finish the project.

It is undeniable that cross stitch can be really exciting and you will not stop cross stitching when you finally succeed in your first project. However, cross stitching really takes a lot of time and you must be patient to finish it. It may take a few days to finish. If you are a beginner, you are not recommended to do a difficult cross stitching. You can try the simple one. Once you get used to cross-stitching, you can go to the advanced one.

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