Afghan Crochet Pattern: Crochet For Beginners

Afghan Crochet
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As you are new to the term crochet, you must be wondering different thing when told that they are Afghani, there are a lot of new things probably that you have not heard of till now, so I’ll tell you different types of design patterns and what exactly crochet are and how to make one of your own. If we dig a little deeper over the internet then there are beautiful and wonderful patterns of blankets you might see which are made of smooth yarns and gives a soothing effect to your body when we put them on because of the fabric material they are made up of. You may also think that building your own crochet afghan blanket is a daunting task, but it’s quite simple to create

Knitting A Crochet For Beginners

The simplest starting point when thinking of creating your own Afghan Crochet for beginners is to build a crochet baby blanket which is very simple to make using a crochet hook and some yarn, it is also a nice idea gift your neighbor and relative’s baby a crochet baby blanket as it will last longer and the kids will love it because of the softness crochet afghan blankets possess. All the thing that you are going to need is a crochet hook which can be easily available in the general and online stores, you’ll be needing yarn or crochet thread and a pair of scissors. This all that you need to stitch yourself a beautiful crochet afghan.

Adding A Crochet Hook

If you have I little practice in stitching then you’ll easily understand how to chain stitch, this the basic technique that will be utilized in crocheting an afghan blanket, if you do not know how exactly to chain stitch then there are various tutorials available on the internet, practicing those will surely help you to understand how crochet using the chain stitching.

Single Crochet Stitch

There is various kind of accessories which can be crocheted using a single crochet stitch like a headband, a scarf, a beanie or finger less gloves what will be needed is just single crochet and usual chain stitching technique that you learned from the internet.

Learning To Do A Slip Stitch

Slip stitches are easy to learn and can be used to serve multiple purposes like:
It can be used to join the beginning and end of the round when we are crocheting in rounds.
It can also be used as any other crochet stitch to slip stitch in rows and rounds.
Use them as an element of design when you require a stitch which adds very less height to the patterned design.

Crochet Half Double Stitch

It is really very important to know the half double crochet stitch, but you should make sure that you know the single crochet stitching before directly moving on to double crochet stitching as it might become difficult for you to directly moving to double crochet stitch. Obviously as per the name half double crochet stitch is going to be half in height of the double stitch and can be considered as in between single and the double crochet stitch, so if you know how to make the single and the double crochet stitches then it is guaranteed that you’ll make the half crochet stitch as well .

Material Used: Crochet Hook And The Yarn

The materials used in crochet stitching is just a crochet hook and a yarn is you have decided to work on a crochet pattern. You can look at the label of the yarn to choose the hook size and decide what hook size is needed for the yarn type you are using.

The Butterfly Chains

When the crocheting is done in rows, then it is said that you start to row with a turning chain. Turning chain’s height depends on the height of the crochet stitch, single crochet chain can be used. The difference in the stitches is the butterfly, however, this is needed just to give it a touch of a butterfly. To make the crochet smaller or longer different varied patterns could be chosen. If there is just one butterfly stitch in the pattern then the shape of a butterfly could be a decorative bowl or a hat in the crochet pattern. For the patterns to be correct we can either go for butterflies right one above another or they could be staggered to get the correct look.

All of the above patterns could be the right way to start with crochet pattern designing. Once the basics of designing the crochet are clear, one can go for further designing practices and learn the complicated patterns also. A self-made crochet is what a person needs in his home to make it look more wonderful.

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